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Well, October has been a month of mixtures! Some mornings are so wet you would think we need webbed feet to get around, others so foggy we need infra-red vision! Some days it stays like it starts all day, while others start off badly and clear up later so that by lunch time the sun can be "cracking the flags" and everywhere dries up.

Some mornings though are so beautiful, sadly these have probably gone for the winter now as sunrise times move later and later, not to mention the dreaded clocks going back an hour later this month.

Early morning Sunrise 

If you get the chance, and the grass dries up enough, lift the cut on your mower and get another cut in before considering putting the mower away for Winter. Having said that, I remember mowing during January this year!

Having just recently come back from the Annual Wholesalers' Open Day I can now report that the 2007 Start-up Order has been placed and I now know the prices we will be charged, at least at the start of the year. I will be updating the price list for the new year for the new stocks and will shortly be able to tell if there are any price rises.

I can confirm that the mini-plants order forms will be available with the December newsletter and also online ordering will be too, for members. The local supplier who provided the polystyrene trays of 30 large plug plants has assured me that Petunias, Busy Lizzies and Begonias will all be available to us. All orders to be received by mid-February 2007.

A first for us is the information that Moorfield School, who we made a donation to this year from the proceeds of our Plant Auction, has asked if we would sell a number of packets of their Eco-Schools Sunflower Seeds. I cannot remember any beneficiary of one of our donations coming back to us with anything other than a brief thank you. The school are working their way towards a Silver Award for EcoSchools and this involves their getting more involved with the local community. We wish them well and will have a small number of packets available at the sheds in the Spring.

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