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Each year, the Association obtains a number of Fuchsia cuttings, usually from a local nursery, making these available from the April Monthly Meeting to members to be grown on for a little competition and a bit of a fun display at the September Meeting.

The fuchsia chosen by the judges at this meeting, usually the President and Chairman of the Association, receives the Association Fuchsia Trophy for the year. This Trophy is a beautiful 3D image of a past Association Fuchsia, made by past Show Secretary and ex-Chairman, Bob Turner.

Our late President (2002-2010), Mr E E Jordan .....

has put together a few hints and tips to help you get the best from your fuchsia cutting. Oh yes, the variety changes each year and is kept secret until the judging! Grow well!
A rough guide to the treatment of your plant.

As received, your plant will be a cutting made by removing a shoot from the parent plant, trimming it below a pair of leaves and setting it in compost where it will form roots and start to grow.

When THREE pairs of leaves have formed on the central stem the growing tip should be removed (known as "stopping" or "pinching out"). This will cause "side shoots" to form in the junction of the leaves to the central stem (known as the "axils").

It is the care of these side shoots which will form the shape of the future plant. Each side shoot should be treated in the same manner. When the side shoot has formed TWO pairs of leaves the growing tip should be removed (pinched out) and allowed to grow on.

The axils on each side shoot will then form further side shoots and when these last side shoots form ONE pair of leaves the growing point should be pinched out. It is from the axils of these last shoots, formed subsequent to the last stopping, that the small shoots form which will carry the growing tip that will form the flower that is the whole purpose of our exercise.

For the purposes of the Association Fuchsia which needs to be ready at a specific date, this last stopping must take place some 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the variety or type of the plant, to ensure maximum floral effect. If the variety is a single, then allow 8 weeks prior to the show, 10 weeks for a double. The weather can also play a big part in the timing. Rotate your plant every few days to ensure a better overall shape.The type of fuchsia will be made known when the Association Fuchsia is sold to you.

This routine can be used on any fuchsia cutting. If, on another occasion you wish to form a "standard" plant, all that is needed is to delay the first stopping until the central stem is as tall (6,8,or 10 inches) as you require. Then pinch out the growing point and remove all the leaves on the stem leaving only THREE pairs of leaves and rub off all the buds that form at the places where the leaves have been removed. Treat the plant then in the same way as above following the plan from "THREE pairs of leaves".

REMINDER. The Association Fuchsia cutting must be grown in a pot no larger than 6 inch size (approx 15.5cm). This has been amended from the original due to the lack of 5.5" pots being available.
I hope that this note has been of some help in growing your fuchsia and we look forward to seeing masses of beautiful plants when it comes to judging day.

IGA Mystery Fuchsia 2012
Ilkley Gardeners' Association Fuchsia for 2012


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