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Ilklkey Gardeners Association 50th Anniversary YearPlease note that as of March 2017, the Ilkley Gardeners' Association no longer run our Stores Sheds. Following the vote at the 2017 AGM, the decision was made to close these, having sold off the stock in the fortnight following the AGM, and the double garage itself in April 2017.

A sad day but with the lack of support and the plummeting membership numbers they are no longer viable. Any offers referred to on this site are no longer valid, thank you.

SEER® Rockdust® supplies almost the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements to “remineralise” soil and compost, boost long term organic soil fertility, support a healthy worm population, micro-organisms, and natural organic fertility processes.


  • SEER® Rockdust® has been extensively tested and is 100% natural and safe in organic growing.
  • Organically Approved and certified by the Soil Association, Scottish Organic Producers Association and Organic Farmers...

Alan TitchmarshIlkley's own Alan Titchmarsh wrote in his 'Dream Gardens' column in The Daily Express:

"A good source of trace elements is to apply Seer® Rockdust®. This relative newcomer is a by-product from the Scottish quarrying industry and is basically very ancient volcanic rock (420 million years old to be precise) that has been ground very finely.

It is full of trace elements and minor nutrients so a dose is as good as a tonic to hard-working soil it, too, is entirely natural. Apply it at any...

SEER® Rockdust® can improve your crop yield, flowers as well as vegetables! 

What you shouldn't expect:

Instant results: SEER® Rockdust® is best applied this year for NEXT year's crops

Don't use in a tub of annual bedding plants.

Do: Much better to use in tubs with longer term plants such as shrubs or herbs that you plan to keep for year to year. Standard Fuchsia's that you overwinter and the like.

Plus of course, use around the garden to improve the yield of...

SEER® Rockdust® adds 6 out of 7 of the recognised “Macro-nutrients” and 8 out 9 of the recognised “Micro-nutrients”. The goodness that has been locked up in these rocks for over 420 million years can now go back into the soil, the crops, the food chain, our own and our livestock’s diets. 

Due to the substantial, and on-going, fertilizer price hikes of recent years I also hope that this will replace some of the highest priced fertilizers that are pricing themselves out of the market...

All over the world volcanic soils are recognised as being exceptionally fertile and productive. This is due to their richness of minerals and trace elements. It’s been 10,000 years since the last ice age when glaciers crushed and spread mineral rich volcanic rocks to create deep fertile soils.

A tiny, but critical percentage of the dry weight of all plant material that we take as crops is made up of minerals.  Most modern fertilisers however replace...

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    The bluebells are out!

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    Donations Update

    As it has been almost three months since we closed and asked for horticultural projects from Ilkley groups and schools,...
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    What a difference

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